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In case you missed it Wednesday night, Johnson County Sports posted an entire multimedia package on the aftermath of West High’s athletic success this school year. There are three parts to the story, all of which go hand-in-hand. Check them out.

– The volleyball, girls basketball, and boys basketball teams all won state titles. That success has translated over to other portions of West High, including the overall aura and atmosphere of the school. Boys hoops coach Steve Bergman labeled West a “well balanced school” and also said “it was simply a great year all around.” Click here for that story.

– Junior Ally Disterhoft is a very heralded and decorated prep player. But even she has learned from the entire experience as a whole. Disterhoft, an Iowa commit, also highlighted West’s overall profile as an institutional success story. Click here for an audio interview with Ally.

– Over the last few months, some of West’s students — including the athletes — have taken to social media to share their opinions and jubilation over the emotions of winning a state championship. Using Storify to reveal some of their Tweets, juniors Dondre Alexander and Jeremy Morgan are some of the main highlights from this piece. Click here for it.

As always, thank you to those who’ve read, watched, and listened to content on JCS.


Five months. Three state titles.

And in three of the largest sports, no less.

For high schools around the country, athletics can be an important aspect of the overall experience. From the athletes to the coaches to fellow students and fans, it can become a big ordeal.

So that’s why when a school wins a state championship, the school takes pride in that success and finds a newfound support following that particular’s sports victory.

Or how about three state titles? Now that, is rare. A rarity that Iowa City West triumphed.

Within the last several months, West High athletics has been dominate — there is no other way to say it. Volleyball won a state championship. So did the girls basketball team. And add the boys basketball squad to that list as well. Five months, three state titles. Not too shabby.

“It’s an amazing thing when it happens,” girls basketball star Ally Disterhoft said. “West High has been so fortunate this year to have some great athletic teams … I think this year has just been a really special year in general and unlike any other the community or the school has seen before.”

She’s right.

Not many teams have banners hanging within the rafters of their gymnasium recognizing a state championship. But West High has three, and that is just this school year.

Disterhoft added she’s come to appreciate what has been accomplished, and not simply by the girls basketball team she was on.

“I really enjoyed being apart of it and we all feel very thankful that we’ve had such good fortune throughout the year,” she said.

Heading into the school year, the West High boys basketball team had seemingly the highest expectations. The Trojans were runners-up in 2010-11 and head coach Steve Bergman had his team prepped for another deep run into the postseason.

Then, the entire West High community was shaken.

In August, volleyball player and senior Caroline Found died in a moped accident. The volleyball team, coached by the legendary Kathy Bresnahan (537-159 in her 20 seasons at the helm), went on to win the state championship, albeit a bittersweet one. Bresnahan, who was not available for comment to Johnson County Sports, was named National Coach of the Year for her efforts.

“The most amazing story is volleyball and how that all unfolded,” Bergman said. “I don’t think most people would have picked us to win after some of the things that happened, and I think that’s carried over into everything else.”

Girls basketball head coach BJ Mayer agreed with Bergman’s sentiments.

Following volleyball’s triumph through a tragic situation, the basketball teams kept West High’s athletic profile on top.

Led by juniors Dondre Alexander and Jeremy Morgan — who expressed their emotions via Twitter a lot during the season — the boys squad went undefeated on its way to winning the Class 4A state title. Alexander and Morgan averaged 16 and 14.8 points per game, respectively.

Disterhoft helped lead the girls team, as the Women of Troy went 23-1 on their way to winning state.

“I wouldn’t have bet money ahead of time for us [to win the state championship], but it was plausible after the way volleyball unfolded the way it did,” Bergman said. “It was simply a great year all around.”

While West has had immense success athletically this school year, Bergman said that doesn’t necessarily transition to the entire school as a whole. He added that some students don’t know that he’s the basketball coach — Bergman has coached the Trojans for three-plus decades.

But the success has permeated into other aspects of prep school life. West has also had notable achievements in music, theatre, and in academia throughout this 2011-12 school session.

“We’re a very well balanced school, and I think that has shown up a lot this year,” Bergman said. “We have really strong drama, music, athletics, speech and debate, and the whole thing. I don’t think athletics drives the school, but the kids we have that show up are very supportive.

“I think it’s built up this year. No question.”

The Iowa City West girls basketball team won the Class 4A state championship this past Saturday by defeating Ankeny, 61-56.

The Women of Troy – coached by B.J. Mayer — finished the season 23-1.

Click here for a below post of an audio slideshow, created from post game happenings following the win at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines.

The scene after the game was positively chaotic, as the speakers blared traditional music after big wins and players, parents, and fans embraced.

Overall, West High has had a pretty good year in athletics. The Trojans program has won state championships in volleyball and girls basketball and the boys basketball team begins play at the state finals beginning this Friday.

“We went from volleyball champions to girls state champions, now we need boys basketball to be state champions,” Shelly Stumpf said. “Spread the love.”

Putting a little pressure on them, aren’t you Shelly?

“They need it.”

That’s the attitude of West High this season. And look what’s happened. Two state titles and perhaps one more on the horizon.

“We lost last year in the state championship, and that was hard,” junior Ally Disterhoft said. “But we fought back and stuck it through.”

To enjoy an audio slide show of the Women of Troy’s state championship victory, visit this link titled ‘Mission Accomplished: West wins state.’

Thanks for watching and listening.

State champs.

The Iowa City West girls basketball team defeated Ankeny on Saturday, 61-56, to win the Class 4A state championship.

After following a second place finish in Des Moines last season, the Women of Troy got some payback in 2012. Head coach B.J. Mayer’s squad was heavily-favored since the beginning of the year, and West proved it was worthy of the high standard throughout the season.

The Women of Troy finished the season 25-1 while Ankeny concluded its campaign at 22-4.

Senior Tatum Klein led West with 17 points, including three 3-pointers — one of which tied the score with 18 second remaining in the fourth quarter to send the game into overtime. Junior Ally Disterhoft had 12 points on 4-of-11 shooting. Shelly Stumpf added 16.

For Ankeny, star player Maddie Manning scored 24 points. Manning is going to Division-I Oklahoma in the fall.

West led by as many 12 points at one stage in the game, but Ankeny kept fighting back.

But the Women of Troy held strong all the way to the buzzer. Just like they had many times before this season.

Looking ahead, don’t be surprised if West produces similar success in the 2012-12 season. Disterhoft — who is expected to get a flurry of scholarship offers this fall — returns, as well as others.

For now, though, West will enjoy this one.

“It’s amazing – these seniors have been great,” Disterhoft told the Iowa City Press-Citizen. “We’re all like sisters. We wanted to do this for them, send them out on a good note. It’s been a blast playing with them and I’ll really miss them, but this is a great way to end the season. Nothing better.”