Transcript: West High head coach Steve Bergman

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Iowa City West
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Q: How has this run been throughout the season?

A: Well obviously, it’s been a great season for us. It hasn’t been perfect – we’ve had some rough spots. The toughest part of our season was early, we played three or four ranked teams early and we played really, really well. I thought we improved quite a bit. We don’t play games for two weeks over the holidays, and I thought we really improved and played really well coming out of the holidays. We’ve also played a lot of blowouts in that stretch, and we picked up some bad habits. We struggled a little bit here and there, but we had a week off and we kind of redid things a little bit and got our attitude right, and we played very well in the [playoff] game the other night.

Q: What’s one thing you’ve taken away from this season – has this season felt different at all?

A: I had most of these kids last year, and last year we started out 4-4 and then we won 16 straight games. So it was sort of a struggle, we lost some close games to some good teams and had some struggles, but then we sort of just figured it out a little bit at a time. By the end of the year, we went to the state tournament and made it to the semifinals and then kind of stalled against Linn-Mar, who had way more talent and way more experience. So we knew we were — we had everybody back. We only lost a couple guys and the key guys; our leading scorers were all back. We knew we were pretty talented. You know, the season never goes exactly like you think, but it’s gone a lot like we expected.

Q: I want to ask you about [highly-touted players] Dondre Alexander and Jeremy Morgan. Where do those two guys rank in terms of the student-athletes you’ve coached over the years?

A: Well, they’re good. Jordan Stoermer was a four-year player for us, Glenn Worly was a four-year player for us. I can’t name too many more. So they’ve played with us — this is their third year, so they’re just juniors — they will hopefully play four years with us, and they’ve made progress every year. They both bring a little something different to the table, but they’re both all-conference players and they’ll be all-state players if not this year then for sure before they’re done. We’ve had a lot of good players, but they fit into that conversation. We had Ali Farokhmanesh here too, so we’ve had a lot of good players and they are right in that group.

Q: With just a couple more games towards the goal [of a state championship], what’s the feeling around the team at this point and what are you saying to your players?

A: This time of year you try to keep everything pretty positive and you try to keep everything pretty short. You got to guard against over-coaching them and getting them too ready to the point where they’re thinking rather than playing. I think that they really have handled the transition, so far, into the postseason very well. You can just see the focus go way up. Last week in practice and the game we played Friday night, that was a different team we’ve seen the last couple of weeks of the regular season.

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